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Post from the Deep #2

First, this week, I want to change the name I am using for this regular digest of interesting stuff that I’ve found on the internet. “Interesting this week” wasn’t really… interesting, so I decided to change to something that can catch more attention. What does “Post from the Deep” mean? Well, post is post, think Post Office like the one below:

Post Office in Toledo, Ohio

Now what is “the Deep”? This term comes from one of my favourite cyberpunk books, “Labyrinth of Reflections” by Sergei Lukyanenko - you can read more about it on Wikipedia.
Let’s get now to today’s update.

Ben Thompson at his best

I’ve been reading Stratechery for the past 6 years, and the blog was always filled with great strategic insight on the industry in which I worked most of my life. It has been a bit harder to keep up with it sometimes (as a new post comes pretty much every day), but it is always worth it. Below are the posts that made me think the most in the past couple of weeks:

Stories from trenches in the newsletter by Steven Sinofsky

Steven has been one of the most interesting product people from the Microsoft, and he has just started his new Substack recently with stories from the early days of Microsoft, Office, and how their product vision, technology and company has developed. I am enjoying every post so far, with “HTML: Opportunity, Disruption, or Wedge” being my absolute favourite.

Realtime economy

The world becoming faster and information flow being realtime in larger parts of the economy is one of the main reasons for me being so bullish on what we do at my day job at Ably. And this topic is definitely picking up momentum, with the Economist dedicating not one but several stories in the last week’s issue to the topic of the realtime economy. It is written clearly, and shows how realtime data is becoming the core of decision-making in multiple industries that together form the foundation of our industrialized societies - I recommend reading even as an introduction to the topic:

Other interesting links

In no particular order: