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Interesting this week #1

Great articles about Chief of Staff role from the First Round Review

This week I finally found time to read a couple of articles on the Chief of Staff role from the First Round Review:

The first article just outlines the importance of the role, typical responsibilities of the Chief of Staff, and what does the typical lifecycle of the role from the CEO perspective looks like. It is a good intro if you are thinking that CoS may be the right role to hire for to accelerate the growth of your business, and it highlights all important fundamentals.

The second article, however, I found even more interesting, as it is highlighting some important systems that Hashicorp is actually using, and especially their operational framework. I am not going to list the details, but I have to say that it does look pretty convincing, and I think using a framework like Hashicorp’s can be a much better approach for growing organisations than just trying to set up OKRs on their own. It is also great that Hashicorp has shared a lot of information on how they run their business in open domain, and there is plenty of useful frameworks, templates and suggestions there: How HashiCorp Works.