Ivan Kavalerov's Blog

Joining Kheiron

The last year of my life was a rollercoaster journey. Pretty much a year ago I left my job, friends and family in Ukraine and went to London, to join the Entrepreneur First programme to build a technology start up company.

EF was an absolutely amazing experience. I’ve met a huge number of incredibly talented people with a desire to build something, to make an impact, to improve the world and to solve the problems that exist today. That’s where I also met Ravi, and we started Neo AI. We were on a mission to make machine learning easier and cheaper to use for many new problems and in diverse new environments. We’ve built a prototype, pitched on the Demo Day and were building our technology after that.

Unfortunately, due to many different factors we couldn’t find a way to build a sustainable business around our technology in today’s market. With heavy hearts we made a decision to move on and stopped the development of the Neo AI technology.

But every ending is also a beginning. I am incredibly excited to announce that I am joining a fantastic team at Kheiron Medical. They are fighting one of the biggest plagues of our time — cancer. My own family, as well as families of many of my friends know what kind of pain, suffering and loss can be caused by this disease. Working on a problem like this is definitely one of the most fulfilling things one can do in his life. I couldn’t resist an opportunity to be a part of what Kheiron is doing.

There is a long and hard road ahead, and huge amount of work and research to be done, but I can’t wait to see what we will be able to achieve.